Here is some of the feedback that I have received in recent times.

"Ive known Roger for a long time now 15 years? I used to go to his regular Monday evening classes at Henry Box which are great sessions, combining this with some running through the week. Last year however I decided that Id like to begin personal training with Roger as I felt my running routine - whilst keeping me fit - was not really toning me up or developing my muscles (so prone to more injury!). I ALSO wanted to look good in my wedding dress the following year!! Roger really helped me tone all over, get fitter and generally have more energy day to day. Im now hooked! Its more about training smarter than just harder. Of course I do have to put the work in, but I'm really pleased with the results!"
Louise W

"Young or old, elite athlete or just trying to get back in shape Roger is the man to help you realise your goals."
John B

"A couple of years ago I was fed up with the same gym/aerobics routines and my fitness regime was so stuck in a rut that Id lost all motivation. Personal training from Roger Bradley Fitness Ltd has changed my attitude to health and fitness completely as Roger uses his expertise to devise sessions which are varied, challenging and, usually, fun! Above all, Roger takes a holistic approach to the needs of his clients and inspires you not just in terms of fitness but also nutrition and the achievement of personal goals. Whilst motivation can only come from within, the role of Roger Bradley Fitness in taking my fitness to a new level cannot be underestimated."
Fiona S

"Having reached a 'certain' age after a very active life, it was all starting to take its toll. A few sports massage sessions with Roger and I'm set up again for another 10 years! And for the first time in my life I'm stretching, as Roger advised - what a difference! Many thanks, Roger."
Neil B

"Roger puts together exhilerating programs that are geared to individuals. You get all the benefits of a personal trainer and the encouragement and fun of a group session."
Louise B

"We are a group of four girls, all with varying goals. Roger's aim is to push us too hard to chat; we protest and implore and yet cant help but go back for more!"
Rachel Stanley-Evans Creations

"Roger Bradley Fitness is without doubt a life changing experience. Roger makes the entire experience enjoyable and you can very quickly notice the good that he is doing for you. His particular style not only makes you want to return to him but then feel guilty and disappointed if you do not! Roger is a great professional who cares for his clients. I have no hesitation in recommending him."
Robert de C
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